Help Us Gain Our City Back!!

You see Altariq Nelson is not all about himself. As I said he believes in the positivity for and of everyone. He’s been stressing himself out with ways to not only get his team back and make it better, but for others to understand that we all share this world. Parents complain of how “fast” their child is and not realize what’s causing these things. As a Mayor of a City, that is part of the responsibility in particularly Plainfield.

Lemme explain something to you, Plainfield is actually one of the most populated areas with a lot of talent seen and unseen. But it’s ridiculous when we’re all tryna eat and competing against each other for different reasons. We fought hard for the justice of ourselves, not just to protect and free ourselves, but to get back what we deserve, to be equal. Violence is not the answer because it keeps taking from our kids, let alone those (children and adults) of whom we lost. So today, as I can not attend, I would like for Adrian Mapp to understand that it just isn’t about us. WE are a whole. Crack down on what’s going on, take initiative. Now you got more than one person speaking but who will attend today at 3pm with Altariq Nelson?

( Jessica Hunter )

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