It’s More Than Just A SweetShop

Each moment I come to Plainfield, I HAVE to stop and visit my favorite cupcake lady. She’s been doing so many positive things for the city alone. It’s like she puts herself after others, sometimes people need to experience that type of love and care. The reason I respect Ms.Stacey so much is because she’s got something going on each month as far as a change or donation to the community, how could you not love her? She puts her life aside for others.

So yesterday I did my after haircut visit, and I seen and heard a lot of great things as I do each time. While grabbing my favorite cupcakes (cookies N’ cream, red velvet, and banana pudding), I noticed a few donations she had packed and ready to go. They were boxes of cereal being dropped off to Bianca Flower Food Pantry located on Park and East Second street of Plainfield, NJ. Teamwork makes the dream work. You know how many smiles that will add to faces? I smiled at the thought and as it was being explained to me.

We know Ms.Stacey does something positive each month, and here it is Saturday, June 29th, and Sunday June 30th, Livay Sweet Shop will be collected unused bars of soap as a donation to many different food pantries and soup kitchens in New Jersey. No it is not any one’s fault as to why they are in the predicament they are in, but put yourself in a different pair of shoes for a second. All blessings come in different sizes, shapes, and forms, and Ms.Stacey has become one of my biggest blessings.



( Jessica Hunter )

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