JoAnne Hollis Black Diamonds Presents “Sweet Thang Cupcakes”

The love, dedication, and ambition for JHBD (JoAnn Hollis Black Diamonds), if you ain’t know has gone nuts. All it takes is a little recognition, and a little belief. I believe in Altariq Nelson just as well as the rest of Plainfield does, but Tish Owens is doing her thang. First Altariq gets a job, and receives donations for practice, outfits, and bigger events. Now this Saturday June, 8th, she will be baking cupcakes at the charge of $4 for 2, and $2 for one. What an amazing deed for someone who wants none of the profits. All profits will go to the necessities of JHBD. So good that people are pre-ordering ahead of time! God bless her!

As part of the team myself, I’ve watched a lot of progression and whatever needs to get done always does. Ya’ll thought this was a one year thang? Nope, they back and they better and got so much more in tuned for ya’ll. Don’t sleep, you gotta stay up. *Miguel Voice*


( Jessica Hunter )

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