Be There For Them, It Means A Lot

Being there for someone is always a great thing whether they choose to accept your friendship/advice or not, atleast you know you tried. As much as we each complain about not needing anyone and doing things on your own, deep down we really do. When I say this, I don’t mean we need somebody on our every move or deeply involved in our personal life, but we are influences amongst eachother.

I try to be the most positive influence by basically setting an example and great words of encouragement. I don’t judge, I came from a shot out past myself, and half of my influences today may have not had the best life amongst themselves, but they’ve either learned from it and grew from it, or I’ve grown from it as well. Being there for somebody was never really my thing until I begun to understand that the right people weren’t there for me, and I felt and understood it so deeply.

As much as you believe you don’t have an influence on someone’s life, you do. It may not be right away, but you do, think.

( Literaturebyjessc )

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