Draw 3

Boog Jefferson is back at it again with his new EP “Draw 3”. He ain’t sittin’ on time, and that’s the main thing besides his music, that I love about Boog. He shows he wants more and goes and gets it. From the compliments and constructive criticism of Excell, to the compliments and same of Hip Hop Mike, I’m proud.

Saturday’s performance at Kingsland bar and grill was amazing. He made sure the crowd understood what he was speaking by not only the hype and tone of his music, but his interaction with the crowd. Ya’ll know in every song or talent I write about, I have a favorite lyric or something that touches me, THIS WHOLE PERFORMANCE SENT CHILLS TO ME NO CAP. ( See Performance Below )


Song: Glacier // Big S/o to Hip Hop Mike

It’s been a blessing seeing Boog Jefferson’s growth. Now what attracts ones attention is not only seeing how hard you try, but the way you put everything together right down to the lyrics. Not everyone’s walked in your shows so when your rapping/singing your music, make one feel what you want them to. Remember this?


Song: Talk About It

It’s called progression. Boog Jefferson’s progression has been very consistent, he’s always into something back, and his community. One thing I can definitely say is not only does he wanna see himself when, but it’s not a competition, we all want next, we all gon’ shine.

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( Jessica Hunter )

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