There is a time and place for everything. A time to work hard, to grind, to do whatever it takes for you to do inorder to reach your goal. In doing so, you will notice and experience growth. Everyone thinks they know you, until you become “different,” because you are making all necessary moves. Nothing, absolutely nothing you do, feel, or say goes unnoticed.

I wanted more for myself, so a lot has changed. I had to learn how to become more responsible, and when to enjoy myself. Infact, I taught myself that. Everything I wanted, I got it, everything I still want, I’m working harder for. Not everyone is going to understand your ambition or what certain things mean to you, so yeah, maybe it’s best to move in silence.

I’ll tell you one thing, I went from shelters and not knowing who I was living with and who I was as a person, to figuring out that as much as I thought I was alone, and everyone who said they understood didn’t. So I flipped the script, now the ball is in your court. I understand now, do you?

( Jessica Hunter )

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