Premonitions ” A strong feeling that something is about to happen,” ehh. Do you believe in those? Do you believe in that gut feeling you get when something isn’t right? I do. Every time I say “Something feels weird,” or I randomly awake from my sleep, something is bound to happen, good or bad. I can’t ALWAYS foreshadow each event.

I’ve been randomly awaken for the past three days back, and each day something weird happened. Weird right? Well, this morning I was randomly awaken and though “Let me do laundry, get it out the way.” Usually I do everything my apartment complex, but this time I chose to take a little walk. Started my washers and went for my coffee, chatting with my Bestfriend I knew them clothes was ready for the dryer. Fast forward to the part where I’m at the intersection to where you could only make a left or right, and at about 50 mph here comes this jeep. He flew straight, and I screamed.

Watching someone grab a passenger out of the car was a difficult sight. Calling the police was a different feeling. Tending to and praying for this man who claimed to be sober and just “blacked out,” was a different feeling. I have pajamas on in a bonnet holding the hand of a man who could have potentially hit me within a decent radius. . . Drive safe.

( Jessica Hunter )

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