TapN Radio ( hajxswave show )

It’s amazing how a plan can be thought out and put into action so quick. TapN Radio has done an amazing jobs with the talents and DJ’s kept. As always, one of my favorite was Djbam, but my favorite show is the hajxswave show. Not because they’re apart of me, and I’m apart of them; but because they never give up.

In the start of the show, there were technical difficulties of which they could not control, yet kept the same energy, the same drive, kept their viewers and listeners interactive. I love how open they are about themselves as people, and their love as one, together that makes teamwork. Haji and Swaavy.


Now the whole initial show was not about them and their love. I’ve heard some very interesting things on there that I think you should hear each and every Sunday from 4pm-6pm. They touched based on what is going on in today’s media, toxic relationships, and where they’ve came from that makes them who they are today. KEEP PUSHING. We’ve got some amazing topics coming forward that we really wanna focus on that we all think can change the world. But for now, as Haji said, you can’t pass on love to somebody that you haven’t given to yourself.

I think this is a great ongoing relationship and start of something great. They appreciate the interactions of others through their lives, hope in via Hajxswave , TapNRadio, Swavvy, Haji, Mytunerradio ( app ), Radio.net, and Simple Radio. Here’s a snippet of last week’s show:

( Jessica Hunter )

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