Bubsy Millions ft Jahlee – Depression // FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKS

Something came across my Instagram Dm’s that I thought was a spam until I received a different response. “Bubsy Millions (Instagram)- Ft Jahlee – Depression,” (click link to view on Spotify), an awesome song!! Describing depression from different aspects and causes, I fell in love with the video because it was descriptive enough to make you feel the situations being sung and expressed. Check the video out here! Too often we forget what depression can do to us, forgetting that someone cares including the suicide hotline and that’s another thing I really enjoyed about the video. They made sure you knew them and others cared as well by mentioning a number to call.

Depression isn’t always noticed between one another. We each handle things differently in life. I’ve witnessed and stopped someone from cutting themselves as a form of dealing with depression. I’ve lost myself in a point of time to depression. It’s no excuse of why it happens, and where it comes from, and sometimes it’s uncontrollable. SEEK HELP!

You can’t force anybody to do anything, but you can be a great influence on their life, and that’s mainly what I try to do. Be the reason someone smiles today. Speaking with Bubsy this morning made my day because not only did I think I’d be known like that, but I was blessed with the ability to see and blog about such an amazing video.

( Jessica Hunter )

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