Back Like He Never Left.

Loved all over, by many, especially in Newark, NJ, Driicky Graham is back with a BANGER. Ya’ll think ya’ll felt Snapbacks and Tattoos because that’s what we all had going on, but “Frienemy” is something different. In my opinion, Driicky came back harder with this one. Appearing in music videos at the age of 3, was his start to the music industry. It was like a preparation, then appearing in Bet’s Hip Hop Awards of 2012 Cypher, he had no other choice but music, and I’m glad because he expresses it so well.

Snapbacks and Tattoos made it to #73 on the US Billboard Hot 100, but I strongly believe “Frienemy,” is going further than that. Y’all know I got favorite lyrics from everybody’s song especially the ones I uplift, like Comma Gz, “Misfire” will forever be my favorite song. But my manz Driicky said “Memories, how could all the good times turn into bad times. It was you and I til’ infinity.” I FELT THAT, no like I felt the way he was spittin’ it, and I felt the situation, been there done that. I’m expecting more fire from him now, IMPATIENTLY waiting on more, infact I’m so ready for him and Comma Gz to team up. OHMYGOD. Lemme not get y’all head too gassed, all I’m saying is if you haven’t heard it, whatchu waiting for? (Click all links to view webpages and songs..)

(Jessica Hunter)

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