The Concept Of Believing In Yourself.

As I come across friends and family, everyone has a story of where they’ve come from and what made them who they are today. I constantly urge everyone to believe in yourself no matter what. I’ve come across some talents that think somethings they produce isn’t as dope as it is. What is a “no” to you can be a “yes” to someone else. I believe in showing others the way.

Lemme tell you, if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you believe in anything or anyone? Self-esteem is a major thing in life. For example, with music. If you don’t believe that you can’t produce what you want us to hear, how do expect someone to understand? Things said through music can sometimes appear different as opposed to a regular conversation, one may feel it differently.

Another example of expression, through art. What one color may mean to you could mean differently to someone else. Who came up with the idea of the color pink being applied to girls and blue applied to boys? I was watching a commercial one day that actually had all colored sweatsuits with no logos on them, and showing kids wearing them, and it made me think. You should be proud to be in any color you wear without being judged, further more, you shouldn’t care who judges you. The concept of believing in yourself. *Sticks fingers up.* You thought I was gonna get into a whole different scenerio didn’t you?

( Jessica Hunter )

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