It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.

Christmas is near and everyone I’ve come across is spreading such great holiday cheer. People are helping others get warm, people are being given hot meals, and best of all, the option of FREE HIV TESTING with The Iris House. Come on down to 630 East Front st, Plainfield, NJ, and get tested FOR FREE along with a $10 Walmart Gift Card to start your Christmas shopping early! How great is that? First you got a Shoprite gift card for Thanksgiving, now you get a great start to Christmas all for free. COME GET TESTED.

I’ve seen plenty of loving and caring people, but the bond with one another as a family to help others and insure confidentiality is completely amazing. A lot of the people you know have probably got tested here, but you wouldn’t have known, because that’s none of your business. Them B condoms your partner is using, guess where they came from? Safe sex is great sex, better use a latex. So in getting tested you should kind of receive two forms of great information. NO HIV and a free gift card. It’s easy, why are you making it complicated?

(Jessica Hunter)

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