Wanna Keep Yo Relationship? Learn To Play Videogames!

As electronics continue to progress generations through generations, they continue to take away from who we are as people. It takes away from our social life. Believe it or not, we check our phones and post photos and statuses on social media more than we say “I love you,” to one another. It’s not just our cellphones that have taken over our lives, but our Videogaming as well.

Besides lack of communication, video games are our #1 relationship killer. Basically in order to keep your man/girl, you need to learn how to play 2k, Black Ops, GTA, and all those other popular games or else you might just loose your relationship. We don’t realize how much time a day we spend playing videogames, the risk we take to do so, and what can happen when playing videogames.

  1. Constant flashes throughout videogames can cause a seizure.
  2. Loosing can cause anger and fights, differing relationships.
  3. Videogames were supposed to be “fun” but can turn into something bad when kids start repeating certain songs or actions from these games in real life.
  4. Lack of sleep which is unhealthy for the body.

It’s a touchy topic because these microphones these days allow us to connect with one another via the videogame and sometimes talk bad to one another. What that is supposed to do is boost your energy to want to win, instead it’s becoming another bullying tool. These are just things that we don’t think about in these ways.

( Jessica Hunter )


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