TapN Radio ( hajxswave show )

It’s amazing how a plan can be thought out and put into action so quick. TapN Radio has done an amazing jobs with the talents and DJ’s kept. As always, one of my favorite was Djbam, but my favorite show is the hajxswave show. Not because they’re apart of me, and I’m apart of them;... Continue Reading →


There is a time and place for everything. A time to work hard, to grind, to do whatever it takes for you to do inorder to reach your goal. In doing so, you will notice and experience growth. Everyone thinks they know you, until you become "different," because you are making all necessary moves. Nothing,... Continue Reading →

I’m Backkkkkkkkk In A Different Hood Near You! CHECK THIS OUT.

So Literaturebyjessc was under construction for a while due to this whole moving process and let me tell you! Being an adult and living on your own is A LOT! You've literally gotta make sure you have all you need, and know your surroundings. I have successfully moved and I absolutely love it. I loved... Continue Reading →

Busy Mornings, Not Bitter

Busy mornings, appointments, rides, and blogs each morning, sleep barely hears from me anymore. My last deep and well rested sleep was most likely during the womb. LOL, I'm always on time for everything, but if it's in the morning, I "Gotta have my Dunkin'." Extra large, Light N' Sweet each morning and then the... Continue Reading →

Keeping it cute for ya man 💁🏽‍♀️

Ladies, don't you ever feel the need to just get cute for ya man one day? It's sad to say but just because you got him don't mean he might not look the other way. Self-esteem is important, ESPECIALLY in a relationship, and that self-esteem comes from YOU. I'm not saying you're ugly, we are... Continue Reading →

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