Women Can Do That Too!!

Women are often looked upon differently in Today’s world because of the jobs we carry. When you call a police officer or someone to come do work on your house, you typically look for a man instead of a woman to come to your assist. These are small, yet big stereotypes that we don’t pay attention to. As a women, being looked down upon in such a job makes you feel like you have to go harder to prove to others that you are capable of doing your job.

The most common job in being disrespected is being a police officer. #1 How do you feel comfortable disrespecting someone who has the ability to bring another life into this world? What if that was your mother? A woman’s job can be completed just as well as a man and vice versa, you just have to try. I also dislike the fact that people think “Because she’s a woman, she can’t do this,” no. It’s nice in acts of common courtesy, but if something is her job, obviously she got this. Everyone is not meant to work certain jobs and not every woman has to be a house wife or secretary, we all enjoy different things. Some enjoy rapping Marvtheartist, Swavvy Dom, Sunny Surf to name a few, and rap harder and better than a lot of males. We ain’t here to deliver sad songs all time, sometimes we can deliver pain a different way, like Eve when she said “I don’t even know you and I hate you, see all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you.” Rapping is a common thing considered for only males and those women and others in the industry have definitely shown me other wise.

( Jessica Hunter )

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