Altariq Stands Up For What’s Right

As I continue to watch the growth of this young man and his team, I am deeply impressed by the progression of who and what they’ve became. Altariq has done meetings with the mayor of Plainfield, got a job on his own, and started a donation fund not for him but for his team. It only takes one to lead the crowd of positivity, for everyone else to follow. Yes I did attend the bake sale, and yes I did see the cupcakes, yellow and black cupcakes, birthday cake frosting, and boy was it good. I know Mrs.Hollis would be VERY PROUD.


People came from different towns to donate, people came just to give money and donate cupcakes to others, what an amazing view for me to see. VERY KIND HEARTED!! Aminah Robinson donated $100, that was the biggest donation given besides the cupcakes being made by Mom and Tish Owens. So shout out to Aminah and her food! JHBD would like to thank you all for coming out and supporting!! More to come STAY TUNED!

( Jessica Hunter )


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