Plainfield’s Favorite Cupcake Lady Back At It Again With More Donations.

It’s not many who think about others the way you think about yourself. Putting yourself before others and making sure you’re straight, Not Ms.Stacey! Well of course she’s always straight, but such a caring woman to everyone not just in Livay’s ” Welcome To The Sweet Shop.”

Back at it again with another way of making sure others are okay, she’s doing a feminine drive accepting UNOPENED sanitary napkins, tampons, and Feminine wipes. Just because you have it doesn’t mean somebody else does. The power of giving back is such a warm feeling.

I was proudly able to attend Ms.Stacey’s most recent sock drive and just seeing the amount of socks and warmth that was donated made me very happy as I took my picture delivering my gifts and presence. I love the positivity she has even on the busiest, coldest, or not so sweet days. Stop by Saturday March 3rd, and Sunday March 24th. The littlest things could change the lives of others. ” Have a sweet day!”

( Jessica Hunter )

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